Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Indiana Conference Seventh-day Adventist Church


Literature Ministries

Matthew Hasty, Director
Spreading the Gospel, one page at the time.

The signs are clear; Jesus is coming soon. Thousands of people need to understand what it means to have a relationship with Christ, and our mission is to meet that need through the written word! Our goal is to plant seeds of truth in every Indiana home. We believe that "more than a thousand will soon be converted in one day, most of whom will trace their first convictions to the reading of our publications" (Ev 693). The seeds planted will germinate and grow, resulting in a great harvest at the end of time. To fulfill this mission and reach our goal, Literature Ministries uses two main avenues: Youth Rush Indiana and GLOW.


Youth Rush is a ten-week challange to share Christ-centered literature with as many people as possible. Passionate young people knock on doors and experience God's power in a personal way. After a week of rewarding work, weekends are filled with relaxation and inspiration.

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GLOW: Giving Light to Our World, One Page at a Time. The purpose of GLOW is to provide every willing-hearted church member with the training and materials necessary to become a literature evangelist. Its overall vision sees the eventual activation of "hundreds and thousands...visiting families and opening before them the word of God" (9T 126). Many are to be "prepared to walk from house to house, carrying the truth to the people... Entering the sell or give away literature, and in humility to teach them the truth" (Ev 114-115).