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Hispanic Ministries

Hispanic Ministries

Antonio Rosario Hispanic CoordinatorOur Constituents…
Having for mission to reach the Hispanic community in Indiana with the Three Angel’s Message, at the present time the Hispanic Ministries Department is overseeing a constituent of over 1700 members, coming from most of the Latino countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Panamá, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, USA, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic.

Our Congregations…
As of Today, we have a total of 19 congregations: 11 Organized Churches: Anderson, Elkhart, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Hammond, Indy Central, Indy North, Indy 2, Logansport, Mishawaka, and South Bend. 5 Companies: Clarksville, Columbus, Frankfort, Huntingburg and Lawrence. 3 Mission Groups: Goshen, Richmond and Westfield. Engaged in evangelism (2014: 109 baptism and profession of faith); and faithfully returning a generous tithe (2014: $761,136).

Our Pastors…
Full- time (5): Leonardo Castillo (Perla), Fernando Pizarro (Paola), Luis Rivas (Verónica), Antonio Rosario (Wanda), José A Tass (Cecilia). Part-time (2): Juan Joaquín (Milagros), Andrés Lizardo (Ana).

Our Small Groups…
Over 100 small groups – The front line army, dedicated to the glory of Christ and trained and teamed for the finishing of His work in the whole field of the Indiana Conference.

Our Lay Training Institute…
The Hispanic Lay Training Institute (ICTLAI): Established in 2007, the principal focus is to equip and provide resources and training to our Hispanic pastors and laity to facilitate the mission of the church. Graduations: 2012: (32) Certified as Pastor’s Assistants. 2013 (27) Certified in Family Life Ministry. 2014 (36) Certified in Finance and Stewardship. 2015 (52) Certified in Personal Evangelism. Training emphasis for 2016: Preaching.

Our Clubs and AY Societies…
Adventures (7) Pathfinders (7) AY Societies (18). Because we believe in Adventist education, we also provide support to the families sending their kids to our elementary schools and Indiana Academy. The IA Hispanic Scholarship “Horizontes” is an example of this initiative.

Our Major Events…
The Small Group Leaders Retreat (Spring) : March 11-13, 2016
The Fellowship Day (Summer) : June 18, 2016
The Hispanic Camp Meeting (Summer) : Sept.2-5, 2015
The Let’s Move Day (Fall) : Sept. 18, 2016
The Hispanic Elders & Pastors Retreat (Fall) : Nov.18-20, 2016

Our Goals for 2016…
To equip and launch an army of 100 Small Groups in our territory for the
     evangelistic caravan “Festival of Hope”

To follow-up the church planting initiative for the big cities with focus on
     “Impacto South Bend 2016”

To push for the organization of one new church in the Indianapolis area.
To certify 75 lay preachers through our Hispanic Lay Training Institute

To work and pray for a big harvest of souls in 2016.

Praise God!

Antonio Rosario
Hispanic Coordinator