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Background Screening

We are excited to be launching the new Child Protection Screening process in partnership with The Seventh-Day Adventist Church!
The new web-based platform features a training and screening system for both employees and volunteers across all conferences in the division.
Our system provides a comprehensive menu of functions for churches, religious organizations, and facilities from one convenient resource.  Additionally, both our program management and communication tools are available to conference administrators 24/7!

To get started, please follow the steps outlined below:
· Visit
· Login to your account using the provided credentials. Please note your user ID and password is CASE SENSITIVE.  It’s also recommended to bookmark the login page so you can quickly access it in the future

Verified Volunteers
(VV) provides background screening and training for employees and volunteers. The Indiana Conference Administration, Executive Committee, and Conference Board of Education voted to require all regular church and school employees (teachers and pastors), all treasurers, and all locally-funded employees who work or volunteer specifically with children and youth to complete a background check before working or volunteering. In addition those who drive for children or youth on field trips are to complete a driver’s screening check. This includes (but is not limited to) those who work with Pathfinders, Adventurers, children and youth divisions, and all school and Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) employees and volunteers. School and ECEC employees and volunteers are also generally required to complete fingerprinting. (See specific school requirements for personnel and volunteers.)

Many of our churches are having their entire leadership team do the VV background check and training including the driver’s screening check because many church and school leaders work with minors although not elected to that position specifically.