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Seventh-day Adventists   

Gratitude is an attitude of the heart. Thank you for visiting us at Indysda.org. The focus and presence of Seventh-day Adventists is that God is love. Christ's heart is revealed by people practicing His character as outlined through Scripture. We would be happy to receive you in any congregation and encourage you to walk with us as we prepare for Jesus' soon appearing.

May you have peace in Him alone.
Van Hurst

Camp Meeting – June 7 - 13

“Support the Mission, Finish the Work”

Read the story of the woman of Sychar. You find a powerful word there: “finish.” So often we start things and the project falls flat. It’s not completed. Not when Jesus orchestrates the story!

Watch the disciples returning from town with food for Jesus. Can you imagine their consternation upon arrival at the well? To say nothing of Jesus talking to a woman and a Samaritan—they had just finished an errand into a Samaritan town to satisfy their appetite.  “Jesus, aren’t you hungry? Don’t You want the food we went to the trouble to obtain?” But their Master explained how His Father’s fare was of much more value than human food. “I have food to eat that you know nothing about!” Hmmm? What food? The Father’s food! “My food is to do the will of Him Who sent Me and to finish His work (John 4:34).

Finish the work? There’s no way we can do that alone! But we’ve been invited to link with Jesus in serving the Father’s fare to others. So, for almost 7 days we get to dine on heavenly cuisine here at Indiana Camp Meeting. Yes, we will enjoy rich fellowship with those of like faith, but we also have “tasty” training seminars to prepare us to be better harvesters, like Jesus—soul-winners for the Father’s kingdom The Good News from that Samaritan well? Right before their eyes an amazing harvest was developing. The woman of Sychar-turned evangelist was “bringing in the sheaves” with rejoicing! Here fellow villagers wanted to come and hear a Man Who knew everything about her!

Camp meeting was originally designed not just to feast upon the Father’s menu, but to equip us to help prepare others for the Latter Rain and the final Pentecost. Like Jesus, we can help to finish the Father’s work. His food is most tasty! Especially the work of soul-winning. Nightly we’ll re-visit the vignettes of the Holy Spirit’s work among our members and new disciples of the Hoosier state. And daily, take advantage of all the seminars that will not only feed your soul, but prepare you to feed the souls of others. There’s a wonderful table spread this year not only in the cafeteria, but also in the early morning, morning, afternoon, and evening meetings that furnish us with support for Christ’s mission and finishing the work!